Procedure for an emergency admission

It is within our statement of purpose that we will accept emergency admissions. There are a number of important considerations, which must be met:
● Service users must meet the homes’ criteria for admission.
● Risk to the service users and other service users and staff from the proposed placement has been adequately assessed.
● The placement will meet the needs of the service users.
● The service user is aware of the placement
● A placement plan meeting has been arranged.

Although by the very nature of any emergency referral, the process will happen quickly, it is important that the welfare and needs of the service users are of paramount importance. Careful planning even in such circumstances can reduce the impact of stress for all concerned. If staffing levels allow, we will make every effort to make contact in person with the service users prior to admission. If this is not an option, then we will need to exchange information with the placing authority and the service users.

Assessment for all proposed admissions to the Home

The placing authority will need to complete an assessment concerning the service users. This will enable us to get an understanding of placement requirements and assess whether we are best placed to meet the young person’s needs. It will also enable us to complete a full risk assessment. We will also need to establish:

● Approved contact list signed by legal guardian.
● Health needs.
● Cultural needs.
● Dietary needs including likes and dislikes.
● Educational attainment/experience.
● Medical consent forms
● Behaviour management issues
Every effort must be made to make the service users moving into the home feel welcome. Service users should be encouraged to bring personal belongings with them as a move such as this can be a very traumatic experience for service users. They should be encouraged to personalise their bedroom and will be supported by staff to do this. They will require time and support to make a successful transition. When an emergency service user enters the home they should be treated the same as a service user whose admission was planned.

For further information on making a referral to Thoughts Of Others, please fill out the contact form below.