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Thoughts of Others believe that residential care has a positive role to play in the welfare of service users. The service users we care for come to us with a unique set of needs. We believe these service users also possess skills that they have yet to realise. It is our experience that some service users will have been let down by the care system. Consequently, this group of service users find themselves stigmatised within the systems that are designed to help them, and also by wider society.

This particular group of service users lacks the appropriate skills to develop as emerging adults. They may have experienced poor care, numerous placements and little consistency within their lives. These service users need the opportunity to discover who they are, what skills they possess and what goals they would like to pursue and achieve. It is our belief that we can provide an environment in which they can experience care, support and consistency that will enable them to grow and develop. We will create an environment in which service users are listened to and assisted in making decisions for themselves. We will work alongside these service users to provide them with opportunity and equality with their peers. This will enable them to develop new skills, which they can utilise in a variety of situations.




Thoughts of Others recognise that each service user has specific needs which will require individual packages of care and support. We believe that through comprehensive and ongoing assessment, these needs can be identified and an appropriate care plan can be devised. This will provide for all aspects of the service user’s welfare. If a service user requires a specific therapeutic service, then this will be provided for them as identified within their Care Plan, and in consultation with social services and their families.




Also within our organisation is Spring Hill High School (DFES Registered) which provides on-site full time education for students from 11 – 19. The school was first registered and approved by Ofsted in August 2005, primarily for the young people who were looked after within ‘Thoughts of others Ltd’. We are also a registered examination centre and offer GCSEs, Functional Skills, Entry Levels , Asdan and Duke of Edinburgh courses.




We are now accepting day students, who are identified as having complex SEN needs and social, emotional and behavioural needs. For further information, go to the Spring Hill High School website here




Thoughts Of Others are also part of the Independant Children’s Home Assosiation (ICHA), who represents providers’ perspectives on the most pressing issues of the day on the quality of Child Care and outcomes for vulnerable children. Advocating for child-centred care,  ICHA are proactive in setting the agenda with local and national government and with their agencies , such as Ofsted. You will regularly read ICHA material in the press and see and hear ICHA officers on TV and radio.  ICHA responds to all relevant consultations regionally and nationally. For more information on ICHA, click here




Thoughts Of Others also work the charitable organisation NWG Network, who are dedicated to tackling child sexual exploitation and trafficking within the United Kingdom. Their network covers voluntary and statutory services and they offer support, advice and raise the profile, provide updates share national developments, influence the development of national and local policy informed by practice. For more information on what NWG Network do and the legislation they work within, click here or here. For their website, click here.